What are your Studio Hours?

Fairytale Photography is open by appointment only. Portrait appointments are available Thursdays - Saturdays 10am-7pm. Consultations, proofing sessions and pick up appointments are also available weekday mornings.

Extended Summer Hours will begin June 1st and end on August 29th.

Where is Fairytale Photography studio located?

Our new studio is located at 15 Scott Street, Savannah, OH. You can find turn by turn directions at Google Maps or you may call the studio and we will be happy to help you.

How do I schedule an appointment?

You may call Renee at the studio at 419.962.1805 or 419.496.1299 to schedule an appointment.

Tell me about the deposit to reserve my photography appointment.

In order to ensure that you never have to wait in line or feel rushed through your portrait session, we never double book sessions. There is only one session scheduled with your photographer at that time and date. Because of this, we require your session fee to be paid in full at the time you reserve your appointment. We will accept payments in the form of cash, credit or check. Club members who are on a payment plan will need to make their payments at the time of booking their next session.

When are payments due?

When you reserve your appointment, we collect a $50 deposit. This deposit is applied to your session fee. Any remaining session fees are due when you are photographed. We require a 50% deposit to start your order and balance to be paid when the order is complete. Payment plans are available for orders over $300.

Do you take credit cards?

Yes, we accept VISA and MASTERCARD via paypal. We also accept cash and checks (and occasionally barter).

We've heard that portraits at Fairytale Photography is expensive. Can you explain?

Professional photography isn't a commodity, like breakfast cereal or a TV. There is a HUGE difference between the quality, creativity, service and price individual photographers offer. You can certainly find photographers who charge less and you can find many who charge a lot more. BUT, people who compare value (quality, creativity, service and price) generally are thrilled that they chose Fairytale Photography. When you compare our studio's pricing to that of other studios, please remember a few things:

      We allow complete customization of your packages. We do not charge you extra for each pose you desire. We will never           send you home with an envelope of portraits that you will just throw into a drawer. We really want you to get every pose that is important to you AND stay within your budget.

      Our photography is equal parts portrait and art. We expect our customers to display their portraits on the wall as Wall Art that happens to feature their own children. We often get the comments "Are those real children?" and "Is that a portrait or a painting?"

      As art, we expect that most clients will order a large wall print or canvas as that is the best way to view our work. We also offer options of storybook albums, wall collages and smaller gift prints. We are not Walmart. We view our customers as valuable friends and clients. We will do everything in our power to help your child feel loved and appreciated during their time here with us, not rushed and invisible.

How can I prepare my child for the session?

Please resist the urge to tell your child to smile, say cheese or insist they be on their best behavior. Simply say "We are going to go play at Fairytale Photography today." because that is what we do 90% of the time. We play make believe; we get dirty; we laugh; and we have a good time. We do not want canned smiles, nor do we want stressed out moms or children who feel as though they are going to the doctors office. We are looking for natural, engaged expressions. Sometimes those will be smiles, but often they will be those sweet, innocent looks that melt your heart, or the ornery grins that make you laugh. We ask that you help us achieve those by standing quietly behind the photographer unless asked to do something else. This will help your child relax and focus on what the photographer is asking of him. Finally, remember, pre-planning is the best way to put your mind at ease that all will go well on the day of your session! Do not use up all those smiles! This may sound silly but an infant that is played with excessively, prior to a sitting, can become tired of being "happy."

What if my child is sick on the day of photography?

A sick child will photograph like a sick child. If your child is not feeling well, please reschedule the session. This is to your benefit as well as ours.

What if my child won't cooperate?

This is rarely a problem as long as the child is rested, fed and everyone keeps a calm attitude. However, if after 20 or 30 minutes we realize that this isn't going to work, we are happy to reschedule your session.

What type of clothing should be worn for our portrait session?

Often this is session specific. We will discuss this at your portrait consultation. Club members will select their props and clothing options at the time of scheduling. Family and formals can find our suggestions by clicking here for planning on how to dress for your portraits.

What if I want to wear glasses in my photographs?

We highly recommend that you visit your optometrist--most will be happy to remove your lenses or let you borrow a set of frames similar to what you normally wear for the session! Glare from the lights can usually be prevented, but not guaranteed. Glasses that change in different lighting conditions should NEVER be worn for photography.

May I be photographed with my pet?

We are happy to have your pets photographed with you. However, all pet photographs are taken outdoors or at your location. There is generally not an additional charge for pictures with pets, but we do need to know this prior to the day of photography. We recommend that you appoint someone to bring the pet for that portion of the session and then take it home or to the car, so you don't have to worry about them while your session is in progress. It's a good idea to bring treats to get their attention when the photographs are being taken.

May we just buy Digital Print rights?

The short answer is yes. There may be a minimum purchase required, depending on the session, but you are always able to purchase digital print rights.

May I bring a friend to watch my senior session or grandparents to watch our children's session?

Of course, if it will help you feel more relaxed, bring a friend, parent or grandparent along! However, we often find that children are more relaxed when it is only mom and dad. Too many people are a distraction and can often add unneeded tension to the session

What if I have bumps or bruises that show on my skin?

Small scratches and bruises are usually easy to fix. However if they are close to the eye, nose or mouth it is best to call and discuss the issue with Renee or Rachael first. We may want to reschedule.

Should I get a haircut or change my hairstyle before my appointment?

Getting your haircut, especially for guys, just prior to the session is not recommended. Get your hair trimmed a week or so before the session. For girls, we do not recommend a new hairstyle, unless you are very sure you'll like it. The number one reason girls do not like their pictures is because of their hair. Make sure you bring your curling iron, hair spray and hair jewelry, holders etc.

When should I arrive for my (our) appointment?

Please do not arrive more than 5 minutes before your appointment or more than 5 minutes late. Your time is set aside especially for you. Arriving too early or too late will encroach on the time we set aside for other customers or cause you to wait unnecessarily.

How long is my session?

Generally, we reserve 60 minutes for your photography, although some senior and newborn appointments are longer. Young children rarely have more than 20 minutes of attention for us, so we need to be ready when they are. If your child is having an off day or needs an unexpected nap please call us right away - we may be able to juggle your appointment to fit your child's needs.

What if I want photographs outdoors and it is raining?

We will reschedule for bad weather. We will call you if we know that we will need to reschedule, but if you are concerned, please call us in the morning and we will discuss your options.

What is retouching and how much does it cost?

Normal retouching is included in everything you purchase from Fairytale Photography, except proofs. Normal retouching skin softening and removal of blemishes. Major retouching, head swapping, brace removal etc may incur an additional charge. Please ask if you have questions.

Do I need an appointment to pick up my finished portraits?

Yes. You need to have an appointment whenever you come to the studio, so that we can be sure to have someone here available to help you.

How do we view our proofs?

We offer online proofing for those who are unable to make an additional trip to the studio. However, we recommend viewing the proofs in person. This is an important step in creating your finished portrait art, and eliminates many problems.

What are Artistic Consultations and are they required?

Prior to your sitting we will sit down with you to discuss the style, props, poses and overall vision for your portraits. This optional service is highly recommended for Maternity and Newborn sittings especially, and is required for Seniors, Club members, all Location sittings, and Weddings.

What about outdoor sessions?

We have found that older children, seniors, and families often do better at outdoor sessions than studio sessions. This consideration has convinced us to expand our offering of these sessions at no additional charge.  For those that still want an indoor studio session, we have many options - please ask for details when you call.

Do you offer Flexible Packages?

We want you to go home with all the poses that you love. Our packages are not limited to one pose, so you can indulge Grandma and get her favorite portrait without breaking the bank. Additionally, we allow a la carte orders with no minimums.

What if I'm unhappy with our proofs?

If you are unhappy with your our work we will schedule a reshoot at no charge to you. We want you to be thrilled with your portraits. If you require a reshoot, we do ask that you make an appointment for a consultation, either in person or by phone to discuss exactly what you were unhappy with, and to make plans to ensure that the same problems do not happen again.

What are Limited Edition sessions, and why are they only available at certain times of the year?

Our Limited Edition sessions are taken during relevant times of the year and feature time intensive sets and special clothing. They are generally only offered once a year and have limited sessions available. We simply do not have the time to set them up for individual sessions.

What is your Lifetime fire and Flood protection?

Your memories are important to us. We keep all your portraits on file and will reprint them in the case of fire or flood. Just bring in the ruined portrait along with your insurance claim.

What if I have a question that isn't answered here?

We welcome all questions. Please feel free to contact us at 419.962.1805 or email at renee@fairytalephotography.biz


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